Sports, Food & Taxes

You love sports.

You love to eat.

You also love your business.

Business meeting at a sporting event or a restaurant?

A match made in heaven.

But can you deduct those box seat tickets or the restaurant cost as a business expense?

Let’s discuss the simple one first.

For 2022, if you take a client, or a potential client, to a restaurant for a business meeting, the food and beverage purchased is generally 100% deductible if paid from your business.

Sporting event tickets are a little more complicated.

If you take a client, or a potential client, to a sporting event, the cost of those tickets is generally NOT deductible.

However, the food/drink purchased at those sporting events usually CAN be deducted, if you charge your card separately from the ticket cost.

(And we all know this can sometimes cost more than the
actual tickets!)

Here’s an exception: For team-building outings, including the purchase of tickets for your staff, you can fully deduct even the cost of the seat tickets.

Time to book that suite rental for your company!

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